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Data migration and warehouse management are used by businesses to proactively evolve with technological changes. We at Polyxer, accelerate and simplify data migration & warehouse management of business applications to the cloud seamlessly & securely.

We Do?

What We Do?

Application Migration

We provide seamless application data migration from one platform to another to allow businesses to optimize on the changing business trends.

Database Migration

We enable the efficient migration of large sets of business databases from one platform to another.

Cloud Migration

We help businesses migrate their data, applications, and other assets from their legacy hosting platform to a selected cloud computing platform.

Data Migration

We offer storage data migration to allow businesses to move their data from one storage system to another.


We provide automated migration to periodically schedule data migration to save time for business.

Enterprise Platform Migration

We assist enterprises in migrating their applications from their existing platform to a newly selected platform.

Our Expertise

Polyxer Systems is a team of experienced consultants that assist businesses with the right knowledge of tools to integrate into their business for data migration and warehousing.

We are a leading Data analytics company, following the industry's best practices and adopting modern tools & technologies to offer quality and cost-effective migration and warehousing solutions bespoke to business needs.

To improve business performance and scalability, we strategically plan effective data migration and warehousing strategies to overcome every uncertain business challenge.


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1What is data warehouse migration?

The transfer of a business database and application to a cloud-based provider without restructuring or redesigning is known as data warehouse migration.

2What are the three types of Cloud Data Migration?

The 3 types of cloud migration are:

  • IaaS cloud migration
  • PaaS cloud migration
  • SaaS cloud migration

3What are the different types of Data Warehousing?

There are three main types of Data Warehousing are

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Operational Data Store
  • Data Mart

4What are the benefits of migrating data to the cloud?

By migrating data to the cloud business can avail numerous benefits such as

  • Effective and organized IT infrastructure
  • Better performance
  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Fewer incidents
  • Faster Innovation