Fleet Management & Routing

Reduce Operational Cost, Optimize Fleet & Logistic and Boost Business Productivity & Safety with Our Fleet & Routing Management Solution

Looking for automated software to operate multiple functions from a central location?

Today, modern fleet management solutions offer you quite much more than just simply connecting dots on the Google Map. So, if your business is looking for a centralized cloud-based system to locate, track and manage your fleet or a jack-of-all-routing system that manages the maintenance, repair, transportation assets, purchase, and allocation, we’ve got you covered!

At Polyxer Systems, we centralize all your operations and data, integrate multiple third-party solutions like GPS devices, fuel cards, keybox integration and more to gain real-time insights backed with technologies like AI and data science to help you make accurate decisions for your business. Think of us as your brainer behind your fleet operations and we assure, we’ll never let you down! Control your business cost with real-time data and metrics like total cost, asset utilization, cost-per-mile and you’ll never doubt your fleet profitability again!

Our Offerings

Polyxer Systems is a cloud-based web and mobile app development company that offers a wide range of Fleet and routing management solutions to automate the management of your fleet and make it accessible, convenient, and manageable. Withholding a strong presence in the fleet management software industry, we ensure to offer our clients an automated cloud-based solution that dynamically provides fleet managers with valuable data to make better and thoughtful decisions backed with metrics.

Focusing on “maximum productivity at minimum cost and risk”, our development team makes sure to integrate valuable features so that fleet managers can control operational cost and enhance efficiency, fuel consumption, route configuration, vehicle management, and utilization, GPS, Keybox & fuel cards integration and more. Our customized solution allows fleet owners to create, manage and maintain different vehicles, assets, maintenance of vehicles, repairs, and warranty of vehicles and parts, and operation cost tracking. The integrated approach helps you to migrate data from your existing system to the new system in a real-time scenario.

So, whether it’s vehicle scheduling, driver routing, or manpower management, we’re making fleet management remote and less complicated. Make us your technology partner and choose from our pool of experienced developers to build your next tailored all-in-one platform for your fleets.

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