Enterprise Queue Management

A smart Queue management solution to streamline customer experience at multiple touchpoints!

Standing in a long-awaited queue to get yourself served with intended services?

Now reduce the wait time and boost your customers’ happiness level with smart queue management. Our enterprise in creating tailor made queue management solution transforms your conventional business into a smart digital business, reduces the wait time, and thus leverages you an authority to have full control over sub-divisions. No matter what your business needs are, our system can be tailored to befit your requirements, right from a standalone queue management system to a full-fledged enterprise solution that manages multiple branch nodes, employees, services, and regions.

At Polyxer Systems, our queue management system can:

  • Streamline walk-ins & appointments to enhance customer experience
  • Appointment generation using web and mobile applications
  • Automate token generation
  • Support global languages
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Improves service efficiency
  • Better customer satisfaction & retention

Our Offerings

Being a premier service provider in web and mobile app development offerings, we understand that Queue management is not as simple as “one size fits all” software. Every business and organization have different customer touchpoints and managing customer’s queue experience is a key part to deliver exceptional satisfaction level.

At Polyxer Systems, we understand customer pain points and aims to address them as a part of our solution. Our enterprise queue management system notifies a customer about their turn through multiple mediums like screen display, SMS, mobile app, and audio announcements. Be it a stand-alone Kiosk or the Desktop one, you can select the one that fits your space.

What’s more? The software application has integration and support to various devices like HD TVs, Touchscreen devices, Mobiles and tablets, printers, buzzers, call buttons, etc. Be it healthcare, banking sector, or Airports, we leave no stone unturned to deliver an exceptional customer experience. So, whether it’s service-based token generation to global language support, we ensure to streamline customer journey at every touchpoint. We have extended our solution expertise to banking and healthcare industries. Partner with us to build your advanced queue management system today.

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